Ethical Breeding Practices

Choosing DeWitt’s Bulldogs supports ethical breeding practices that prioritize the welfare of the dogs. These breeders ensure that their breeding dogs are well cared for, receive regular health checks, and are not overbred, thus promoting the long-term health and happiness of the breed.

  • Prioritize Health and Genetic Testing
  • Adhere to Breed Standards
  • Proper Care and Socialization
  • Limit Breeding Frequency
  • Thorough Screening of Potential Buyers
  • Lifetime Commitment and Support
  • Spay/Neuter Agreements and Follow-Up
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Frequently Asked Questions

We perform comprehensive health and genetic screenings, including tests for hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and hereditary eye disorders, to ensure we only breed healthy dogs and minimize the risk of passing on inheritable diseases.

We adhere to established French Bulldog standards set by kennel clubs, focusing on proper temperament, structure, and overall health. This helps us preserve the breed’s unique characteristics and maintain its integrity.

We provide a clean, safe, and nurturing environment with regular human interaction and socialization opportunities. This helps to develop well-adjusted, confident pets that are comfortable around people and other animals.

We limit the number of litters and ensure that our female dogs have adequate rest and recovery time between pregnancies. This promotes the long-term health and happiness of both the adult dogs and their puppies.

We conduct thorough interviews, home checks, and vet references to ensure our puppies go to loving, responsible, and well-prepared homes. This helps us ensure the long-term welfare of the dogs.

Yes, we provide ongoing support, including breed-specific education, training tips, and advice on health issues. Our commitment extends to the lifelong well-being of the dogs, and we are always available to address any concerns.